Sunday, August 10, 2014

Last Light on the South Umpqua River

"Last Light on the South Umpqua River", Oil on Canvas Panel, 8x10, price $75
A couple of weeks ago I ran into Paul Zegers at an Art Reception here in Roseburg. He asked if I wanted to join him, Thomas Jefferson Kitts and Andrew Duclos at the river behind his house to knock out a painting before dark. It was 6:30, so I hustled home to get my gear and made it there by 7:30pm. I was able to get set up and paint this view of the river before dark set in. It was then that I found out that they had been painting all day and planned to paint for three more days and got invited along. Another bonus was getting to go through Kitts' portfolio of work he brought back from a workshop he taught in Tuscany, other work painted in the Cinque Terre along with a few others he just painted in Eastern Oregon. WOW

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