Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Deadline Falls

"Deadline Falls", Oil on RayMar Panel, 8x10, $75
After painting above the falls and the day rapidly passing by, Thomas Kitts challenges us to a 30 minute paintout! So we all clambor down closer to the river and then ultimately set up our pochade boxes right on top of deadline falls. Thomas gets out his phone and sets a timer for 30 minutes and says "30 minutes, that's all you get!". The heats on, well yes it is at least 95 degrees out, but as we're trying to paint, one steelhead after the other tries to jump the falls. It's really hard to concentrate on painting, then to make matters worse, a Heron flies in and lands on the rocks right in front of us (probably thinking it'll snag one of the fish). Everybody is freaking out and then we realize time is of the essence. Before we know it the timer goes off and Thomas shouts "TIME'S UP". We all step back and truthfully, we all admit you can't beat the freshness of a 30 minute plein air painting. After we pack it up and get back to the car, we decide that we need to eat. So off we go to Munchies in Glide for burgers and a cold beer.  

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