Thursday, July 31, 2014

If You Can't Join 'em, Lick 'em

"If You Can't Join 'em, Lick 'em", Oil on Canvas, 11x14
Driving back from Bandon, Oregon I ran across these curious cows hanging out in a marsh west of Coquille. I'm sure they were hoping for a treat.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


On our last trip out to Bandon, I got some great pics of people on the beach. The weather was great and so there were many opportunities to capture people enjoying their time at the coast. This is a painting of a group of kids sharing time on a skim board. It was kind of funny, no matter who was trying to ride, they all ran after it.
"Skimming", oil on canvas, 11x14

Friday, July 11, 2014

Here's Lookin' at Ya

A couple of weeks ago I was Out in Umpqua looking for something to paint and I saw this herd of cattle. This guy decided that he would come over to have a visit. Maybe he thought I had something for him. Maybe he thought he would come with me. As you can tell, the others didn't care and rather stay in the shade.
"Here's Lookin' at Ya", Oil on Canvas, 12x12

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hanging Out

Some days these guys just show up and hang out on this feeder we have hanging under a maple tree. They certainly don't care if I am nearby. Maybe they think I am bringing more birdseed.

"Hanging Out", Oil on Canvas, 10x8

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Spring Lambs

Now, working with several photos taken while driving out North Bank Road, I've finished a larger studio painting trying to capture the serenity within an ever changing environment. These scenes always bring out memories I have of the sheep roundup and shearing that I experienced living out in Driver Valley, east of Oakland. It was on a ranch owned by Nova Bates, who was 86 when we moved on the ranch. It was quite amazing how she could still hop the barbed wire fences chasing after her flock. The highlight of living there was the year they rounded up the wild angora's and sheared them to boot. They must have had three or four years of wool on them. There are many other great memories of that era, maybe I'll get lost in those for a while.

"Spring Lambs", Oil on Canvas, 12x16